Measure For Measure 9.8.18

I love the way drama company Changeling make theatre. Everything I’ve ever seen them do is heartfelt, real, immersive, leftfield – and terrific fun. Their production of Shakespeare’s dark comedy Measure For Measure, staged at twilight in the woods surrounding magical Severndroog Castle, was as good as anything I have reviewed all year. Directed by Robert Forknall and designed by Robin Soutar, the multitalented performers acted, sang and played instruments with such skill and joie de vivre that it was impossible not to be entranced by this tale of love, loss and redemption. It would be invidious to single out any one member of the cast because they were all marvellous – Cameron Butterwick, Jennifer Clement, Hannah Etheridge, Marc Mackinnon, Toby Manley, Jess Nesling, Charlotte Palmer, Jake Setters and Robin Willingham were pitch-perfect in their multiple roles. And, of course, the play boasts one of the finest of all Shakespearean character names – Pompey Bum the pimp – and the funniest ever euphemism for sex: Groping for trouts in a peculiar river. The labyrinthine plot may be dodgy but killer lines delivered by a brilliant cast made this a night to remember.


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