K.R.U.M.P. Macbeth 17.7.18

Krump is a form of hiphop street dance from LA that features highly stylised moves designed to echo gang violence, so the bloody story of Macbeth looks like it should be a natural fit. And choreographer Theo “Godson” Oloyade’s new work K.R.U.M.P. Macbeth got off to a flier at Laban theatre with a brilliantly spooky scene about the three witches followed by a breathtakingly exciting battle sequence danced to a thunderous score by Michael Mikey J Asante. The four performers – Amanda Pekfou, Jordan Franklin, Dean Steward and Vincent Maduabueke – were impeccable throughout a production that harnessed the spirit of Japanese Noh theatre in a manner that made it wonderful to look at. But this felt like a work in progress. The pacing was off and Oloyade chose to close his piece in the middle of Shakespeare’s story with the coronation of Macbeth. I was so looking forward to the tragedy that unfolds in the original that the abruptness of this ending came as a surprise – and a bit of a disappointment. But there was enough here to make me look forward to a future revamped production that follows the story to its apocalyptic finale.


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