Michael Clark/Sotheby’s 

The legendary choreographer has broken new ground by curating a sale of contemporary art for top auction house Sotheby’s. Clark insisted there are strong parallels between dance and art because both were full of movement and said: “Your eye is always in motion whether it’s following a piece of my choreography or the line of a figure in a painting.” The sale netted more than £2million, which included £18,750 for Knot, an artwork created from cigarettes by Clark’s friend Sarah Lucas, £168,750 for a piece made from five painted sheets of lead by Gunther Forg, £4,000 for an untitled sketch by Sigmar Polke, £7,500 for a topless photo of Mick Jagger by Andy Warhol and – the No1 seller – £200,000 for Yoshitomo Nara’s Abandoned Puppy, Waiting. 


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