The quartet of singers who took to the stage at Greenwich Theatre for the UK premiere of this rock musical about axe murderer Lizzie Borden were about as good as it’s possible to be. Bjorg Gamst was nothing short of sensational in the title role, her voice supercharging the songs and tunes of Steven Cheslik-DeMeyer,  Alan Stevens Hewitt and Tim Maner. She was magnificently supported by Eden Espinosa as her sister Emma, Bleu Woodward as her lover Alice and Jodie Jacobs as the maid Bridget, who also added light relief into
the gleefully gory goings-on. A live band featuring Martin Bergman Konge on keyboards, Steffen Schakinger and
Jens Kokholm on guitars, Allan Nagel on bass, Lars Daugaard on drums and Jess Cox on cello were equally good, leading the singers through a thunderous score that included show-stoppers like Gotta Get Out Of Here and What The Fuck, Lizzie. The darkness was further enhanced by Martin Jensen’s lighting, a set designed by Jens Frausing and Anders D Jensen and taut direction by Victoria Bussert’s. The audience
responded with a huge and entirely appropriate standing ovation because this production had it all – even for those of us who don’t normally get on with musicals. Lizzie continues at Greenwich Theatre until March 12.


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