Greenwich Early Music Festival

Fifteen fine concerts over three days made this a must-see event – and two of the events were exceptional. Blondel is made up of Emily Baines, Elizabeth Gutteridge, Belinda Paul and Arngeir Hauksson who are prodigiously skilled players of such wonderful instruments as shawms, recorders, bagpipes, gittern, fiddle and drum. They gave us a programme of songs from the age of Henry V which were interspersed by actor Anthony Taylor reading Agincourt references from the works of Shakespeare,  Holinshed and Esmond King. It was magnificently done. The European Union Baroque Orchestra closed this year’s festival with works by Handel, Galliard, Babell, Sammartini and Geminiani. The concert also featured a heartfelt pro-European speech by its Danish director Lars Ulrik Mortensen – which won a rousing ovation from the largely pension-aged audience.



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