Tomorrow I Was Always A Lion

Belarus Free Theatre’s first foray into a production with an all-British cast is a devastating inquiry into schizophrenia based on a book by former sufferer Arnhild Lauveng. Five actors – Emily Houghton (outstanding), Grace Andrews, Samantha Pearl, Oliver Bennett and Alex Robertson – alternate playing the patient and thanks to their skill and ingenious staging by director Vladimir Shcherban we are taken on an emotional, almost visceral, roller-coaster ride through the pitch-black labyrinth of mental illness. The work is less convincing dealing with Lauveng’s insistence that she has recovered from an incurable condition. But I’ve seen nothing that captures the suicidal hopelessness engendered by psychosis since the plays of Sarah Kane. Tomorrow I Was Always A Lion is at the Arcola till October 29 then moves to the Albany in Deptford for 12 days from November 1.


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