O’Keefe/Fierro & Lee/Semerano

A fabulous Trinity Laban double bill at St Alfege in Greenwich as violinist Harry O’Keefe and Francesca Fierro on piano played Ravel before cellist Catherine Lee  and her accompanist Giulia Semerano tackled Debussy. The first pair took on Ravel’s notoriously difficult Tzigane, a whirlwind of pizzicato, spiccato and legato bowing for the violinist and a hurricane of shifting tempi and keys for both players. Undaunted, O’Keefe and Fierro gave a near-miraculous performance. If Lee and Semerano felt nervous about following such musical pyrotechnics they didn’t show it. In fact, they came close to miracles themselves in Debussy’s Cello Sonata in D Minor, particularly the later sections. This was a magical recital – and like all Thursday lunchtime concerts at Greenwich’s parish church, it was free. Marvellous.


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