Jeff Koons

Koons really is a Marmite artist – everyone I’ve ever met who knows his work either loves it or despises it . I’m firmly in the former camp, although with reservations. And his latest exhibition, at Damien Hirst’s Newport Street Gallery in Lambeth, is a perfect demonstration of what’s great and grim about the American. The hardcore porn images look hopelessly outdated today but the rest of this selection, from Hirst’s own collection, is a must-see even for detractors because each piece  shows off Koons’ fantastic craftsmanship and because the final room, with a 10ft pile of Play-doh wrought in stainless steel which is reflected in the perfect curve of a steel dome brilliantly disguised as an inflatable toy elephant, is nothing short of miraculous. Look and marvel. The show runs till October 16.




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