Dance: Daw, Dowling, Duggan

A great start to the new season of Greenwich Dance and Trinity Laban’s Compass Commissions.

Dan Daw, one of the world’s foremost disabled dancers, was amazing as he bared body and soul in Beast at the Borough Hall. Choreographed by Martin Forsberg, this was a work of such emotional intensity that I, in common with the rest of the audience, was left exhausted, elated – and overwhelmed by the courage of Daw’s uncompromising approach.

Two weeks later, at Laban Theatre, Us Then was an intriguing investigation of symbiosis. Creators/dancers Sarah Dowling and Kath Duggan took Waiting For Godot as their inspiration and gave us a work of warmth and wit in which humanity’s strengths, weaknesses and folly were writ large. It also had some really good theatrical jokes.

If Beast and Us Then are anything to go by, this new season of commissions is going to be a humdinger.



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